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Meet Melissa Carvalho.
🔷Career Coach
🔷Bestselling Author 
🔷 Yoga Teacher


Cultivating transformation across career and life 

Align with your true self and achieve your highest potential

"I believe that with access to the right resources, mentors, and training- with enough grit, skillful intention, and concrete action- we are all capable of reaching our fullest potential. And that will look remarkably unique for each one of us because we all hold a deeply specialized set of life experiences, strengths, and passions." ~ Melissa 


Career Coaching Background

Melissa Carvalho, M.A., RYT is an experienced Fortune 300 Recruiter and Holistic Life Purpose, Career & Creative Side Hustle Coach located in the Providence area (Greenville, RI) and beyond! She has a Master’s degree in counseling, 10 years of career counseling experience, as well as 10 years in human resources and recruiting.  

Her career coaching niche is with creatives and those in the helping professions, looking to make a difference!

She holds several credentials including:

- Certified Job & Career Development Coach

- Certified Job & Career Transition Coach

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified

- Certified Life Purpose Coach

- Certified Entrepreneurship & Business Coach

- Master Holistic Integrative Life, Career & Performance Coach


She is well versed in the current and future directions in employment and careers. She utilizes current and well-established resources that will help you thrive, even during these uncertain times. She works with adults well into their careers who are looking for a fresh start or the next step, as well as recent college grads just starting their journeys. For more on her career coaching philosophy and services click here. 


Author Background

Melissa is the Author of the bestselling career development counseling book, Purpose Forward: The Ultimate Career Starter's Guide to Finding a Career (and Life) of Purpose. Find it on Amazon! 

Yoga Background

Melissa has been a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA since 2000, a humble yoga student since 2001, and a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Fit since 2010. She also  serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Wellness & Exercise Science Department at Rhode Island College. She is excited to share her knowledge with the community and help others to find deep meaning in their lives through discovering their purpose. 


Her master's degree is in mental health counseling and she believes yoga is an excellent vehicle to discover the integration of your mind, body and spirit, and to align with your true self. It allows us to find and embrace the essence of who we truly are, and reach our fullest life potential.  She is dedicated to using yoga as a tool to heal those who are in need of stress management and self-care. Learn more about her style and yoga philosophy.

Off the mat, Melissa is a devoted wife, mother of two, swing and salsa dancer, and lover of all things fitness. 

My Dharma (Life Purpose) Statement:

"I serve as a reminder that we are divine beings capable of manifesting our desires, through skillful intention and concrete action.

I honor strength, grace, integrity, and truth.

I continue to refine my purpose by trusting my intuition, honoring my values and continuing to exercise my strengths. I support others in their discovery of the integration of mind, body, and spirit and to align with their true purpose."

Coaching Testimonials

See What Clients Are Saying

Shana Bloom

Melissa is a wonderful coach! She is kind, yet direct which is a great combination.  She brings out the best in people.  I consulted with Melissa regarding my website and branding.  While I had the base of the work done, I had found it challenging to know how to deliver to my target market.  Melissa delved deeply into the task and gave precise information that gave me a clear direction.  Melissa has vision and fortitude while bringing passion and humor to everyone and every task she approaches.  I strongly endorse Melissa. She is an excellent coach for anyone who seeks her services!

Yoga Testimonials

See What Others Have Shared

Melissa is a very good teacher of all levels and has the patience, knowledge and creativity to make every class doable for even a beginner.   She is always flexible, offering options and alternatives to those who can do more as well as anyone having difficultly, moving at a good pace for all.  Melissa has a good sense of humor and classes are always fun.  I also like the music and poetry as well as the lavender infused reiki she often does at meditation.   I aspire to also gaining some of the serenity she seems to have through yoga and meditation.

Kathy Winsor

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