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Ethical Guidelines for Career Management- Social ethics and personal practices according to yoga phi

I am both a Career Coach and a Yoga Teacher. Looking at the world through these two very passionate lenses has afforded me the opportunity to blend the two together and see how they clearly support each other. This is where Ethical Guidelines for Career Management was born- Understanding social ethics and personal practices according to yoga philosophy- the yamas and niyamas and National Association of College and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness competencies.

These include:

· Career & Self-Development.

· Communication.

· Critical Thinking.

· Equity & Inclusion.

· Leadership.

· Professionalism.

· Teamwork.

· Technology.

When they are blended together it produces a beautiful set of principles that creates a pathway to living our professional lives with deep integrity.

The 10 S’s of Ethical Guidelines for Career Management:

1. Social Consciousness- This principle is the foundation of all of the other principles and the most important: Offer kindness and gentleness to others. Accept other viewpoints. This is “Right relationship” with others that includes honesty, trust, respect and open communication. Be an example of diversity, equity and inclusion.

2. Sincerity- Tell the truth while remaining peaceful. Show up as your true self. Communicate your thoughts, beliefs and values. It’s ok if not everyone agrees. You do you. And always remember principle #1, Social consciousness- Say what you need to say but always do it with kindness.

3. Selflessness- Share your ideas and offer mentorship and encouragement generously. If you know of a way to do something better, you aren’t helping your team by keeping it to yourself. Go outside of your job description if it serves the greater good. Don’t take credit for what isn’t yours. Site your sources. Embrace teamwork.

4. Simplicity- Live a life and a career of moderation. Don’t overwork, overcompensate, or overcomplicate. Don’t overcommunicate what isn’t necessary. Keep it simple. Don’t take on more than you need to, especially if it’s throwing you off balance.

5. Self- Adaptiveness- Letting go of projects, opportunities, roles, relationships and organizations that aren’t right for you. Be flexible and comfortable with change. Show resilience and stay strong.

6. Self-Care- Take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. Maintain positive and neutral thoughts. Maintain professionalism and treat others with respect. Step away from technology (when you can) to keep a clear mind which will allow creativity to flow.

7. Satisfaction- Maintain an attitude of contentment, peace and ease. Practice gratitude for what you do have in your career. Do not compare yourself to other colleagues or compare your role to other roles, but honoring where you are.

8. Self-Discipline- Work hard, be disciplined and build good habits. Cultivate good time management and critical thinking skills. Always do your best. This may look different each day, and that’s ok.

9. Self-Knowledge- Know yourself and continue to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Journal. Read. Meditate. Spend time alone. Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses. Release false and limiting beliefs. Continue to grow in your career and self-development. Admit what you don’t know. Seek mentorship.

10. Surrender- Let go of things you can’t control, this includes other people and sometimes even ideas. Go with the current and enjoy the ride. In leadership, this allows you to understand that your ability to influence is much more fruitful than your ability to control. Surrendering will allow you to focus on adding value to those you serve. Surrender to serving with purpose.

My intention is that this list offers insight into how to live with integrity in our careers. When things get complicated and we are not sure how to respond, these guidelines can assist us in reflecting how best to move forward, and how to “show up” in our professional lives in general.

My questions for you:

Which of these guidelines do you embody the most?

Which ones can you dedicate more energy towards?

What actions will you take?

I welcome your thoughts, comments, and feedback!

P.S. What interests and passions exist in your life? What happens when you blend them together? Is there insight you can offer to others? I truly believe when we work as artists to blend our passions, values, and talents together, that is where live our true life’s work. No one else can do it but you. And the world needs your gift.

Looking for a life purpose or career coach? Hit me up!

In love and light,

Melissa Carvalho, MA, RYT

Life Purpose & Career Career Coach/ Yoga Teacher

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