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How (& Why) We need to Get Unstuck & Find Our Purpose

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people are thriving and living their purpose and others aren’t sure how to begin?

I believe that with access to the right resources, mentors, and training- with enough grit, skillful intention, and concrete action- we are all capable of reaching our fullest potential. And that will look remarkably unique for each one of us because we all hold a deeply specialized set of life experiences, strengths, and passions.

I would like to thank Christina BiBiasio for continuing her mission on wellness education and interviewing me on how we can get unstuck and find our purpose.

Have you ever wanted to know:

  • How to get unstuck & get yourself from point A to point B so you can thrive and be of service of others

  • The power of writing a life purpose statement and some examples of what your life purpose may be

  • The powerful questions to ask yourself to get clarity on why you are here- your passion, values, and strengths- and what is your life story leading up to?

  • Why sometimes we need to get out of heads and into our bodies to find our purpose

Watch the recording here.

More resources:

I leave you with this-

  • What are your top values and is how you are living each day aligning with that?

By showing up in this way-this is how we can be of service of others and be our fully actualized self.

Never stop learning about yourself. It is an ongoing journey!

You have my permission to share this post. Please share it with those who can benefit! With love and light,

Melissa Carvalho

Holistic Life Purpose & Career Coach/ Yoga Teacher

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