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How to Write Your Dharma (Life Purpose) Statement

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The New Year is a time where many people get disenchanted with their jobs, and their lives. It is a time of re-evaluation and a time you may be asking what you can release, and what you can bring in. You may have a desire to feel more fulfilled and make more of an impact in the world around you. You are not alone. Not sure where to go from here?

I would like to introduce you to a practice that is more than just a monthly goal, or even a yearly resolution. It is writing a mega-statement that is the foundation for all you do in your life. I am talking about writing your dharma statement. What the heck is “dharma” you may be asking. I am so glad you asked. It is a Sanskrit Buddhist term that means “right direction” or “rightful duty". Your "dharma" is your inherent purpose, or true calling in life. It is what you were born to do. It was what was written on your soul from the moment you were conceived.

I invite you to think about writing your own dharma statement. I have an article that I have found particularly helpful that I would like to share with you, that my coach, Coral Brown, created. You can explore it here. Once you have a basic understanding of dharma, see here for steps on writing it. It is best done by starting with time in quiet reflection, or meditation.

Here is mine as an example: "I serve as a reminder that we are divine beings capable of manifesting our desires, through skillful intention and concrete action.

I live with strength, grace, virtue, and love. I continue to refine my purpose by trusting my intuition, honoring my values and continuing to exercise my strengths. I support others in their discovery of the integration of mind, body, and spirit and to align with their true purpose."

Once you have your dharma statement, this is a filter through which you can pass through anything you may wish to explore. It can help you get clear on what is important and what your priorities should be. Maybe you discover you DO need a new career, or a new job, but perhaps it is a simple as:

- Adding a little passion project on the side

- Collaborating with a friend

- Learning a new skill

- Volunteering for a meaningful cause

It could even mean asking your current supervisor for additional duties that align more with your purpose, or scaling out duties that do not bring you joy.

Remember, you are the architect of your own life story. If you don’t like the chapter or the book that you are in, you have the power to change that. It starts with getting clear on your intention, and then creating action steps around that. Move at your own pace. It won’t happen overnight. But slowly chipping away at it will get you to where you want to be.. a life with more meaning and fulfillment.

Here is a guided meditation I created to help. What is YOUR dharma statement? I would be honored if you would like to share it with me. Feel free to comment below or email me at Once you share it with others, the more powerful it is <3

In Light & Love,

Melissa Carvalho Yoga

P.S. Check out my article on how to get unstuck!

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