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On Mental Health & Healing During Covid

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We see it in our local business owners who have lost their business, our friends struggling to stay above water whether its financially or emotionally, our lonely neighbors who live alone, the college students who are being denied this very social times in their lives, the employees working over 60 hours a week, those who have lost someone very dear to them, and those who are afraid they will.. The list goes on and on. This is a time unlike no other. Many people are struggling.

I want to take a moment to remind you that you are in control of your own life. That you have choices. Whether that choice is to seek help for yourself or someone you care about. Seeking help won’t necessarily eliminate the pain completely, but it can certainly help to provide relief and get on the course of healing. The first step to realizing that you may need some support is admitting it. Are you having a hard time? Are you feeling down much more (or even a little more) than usual? Are you willing to take some steps to take charge of your mental and emotional health (or help someone who needs it)? Yes?! Read on, my friends.


Here is a list of some simple things you may or may not have thought of:

1) Hire a therapist- Your friends and family are not necessarily experts in this area. And if they DO happen to be a psychology major or therapist by trade, they could never offer you the fullest extent of therapy because they know you too well. You need an impartial party to be able to see your situation clearly and offer you guidance in a non-biased way. Home for the holidays? There is no better time to find one. Many are offering telehealth. How convenient is that! Not sure where to start? Try or

2) Also, don’t forget about Group therapy! It is very refreshing to hear from others who are going through similar situations as you.

3) Exercise- What you can’t get at cognitively, you may be able to reach through movement. Don’t underestimate the power of movement. Find what works for you- dancing, kickboxing, yoga, strength training, walking.. you get the idea. So many options are being offered virtually right now, and many are free. There are plenty on

4) Journaling- Buy a pretty journal. Sit down somewhere quiet, just you and your pen. Go wild, and let the thoughts and feelings flow. This can be a very simple and therapeutic process.

5) Socializing- Being a part of community is more important now than ever. Take part in church or spiritual services, join a meditation group, or find a group on There is a group for every interest you can imagine and many are meeting virtually right now. There isn’t a better time to try out something new!

6) Energetic healing- This one isn’t for everyone, but if you are open to trying some different modalities, don’t forget about disciplines like acupuncture, reiki, intuitive healing, mantra work, etc. Again, what we can’t get at mentally, emotionally, or physically, we may be able to reach through an alternative method.

7) Antidepressants- After you have tried the above, remember that this may be an option. I would recommend trying the above first but some people may have a chemical imbalance. It doesn’t hurt to try a low dose in conjunction with some methods above, to see if it gives you the results you need. Talk with your primary care practitioner. Believe me, they are having these conversations on a daily basis. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

8) Laugh- When all else fails, LAUGH! It makes you feel great. Put on a comedy or stand-up routine, seek out some laughter yoga, call up your most hilarious friend. Laughter is the flip side to sadness. If you dig keep, it is still in there, somewhere. I promise.

Remember, what you can’t reach mentally, emotionally, or physically, you may be able to reach energetically. It’s like a buffet. Don’t be afraid to try different things, and a combination of different things. Most importantly, don’t give up. Many are going through the exact same thing. Talk about it. Verbalize it. “I am struggling right now. But I am working on it, and I will be ok”.

There are so many people out there who are willing to help. You don’t have to live in misery or as a walking zombie. Take action and give yourself what you deserve. A fulfilling and content life.

And if no one has told you lately.. I love you and you are perfect. You are strong and you’ve got this! <3

In Light and Love,

Stay Strong,

Melissa MC Yogi Momma

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