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13 Timeless Truths Covid Reminds Us Of

Today is the day! Many of us will venture out in public without masks (and ironically for me, this is the exact day I am 2 weeks past my second shot). It has invited me to reflect upon some timeless truths that the experience of Covid reminds us of:

1. Protect those who are most vulnerable 2. Take time at home to rejuvenate 3. Time for introspection is vital 4. Good hygiene is very important to our health 5. The beautiful outdoors are great for us and it never goes out of style 6. Human touch is needed 7. Community is important 8. Keep your circle tight- it is more about quality of people than quantity 9. Inclusivity- The internet has offered us the opportunity to reach populations we may not have been able to 10. We need to take care of our mental health and wellness, just as much as our physical health. It is about being preventive instead of reactive. 11. Exercise is important. And you can do it right in your own home! 12. Sometimes we need to sacrifice a bit in the short-term to gain advantage for the long-term 13. Always look for the helpers

And let’s not forget.. - Politics are so ugly. If we can remember we are all on the same team, we will be able to accomplish much more in this world. - Family and work are not separate entities. They are in constant conversation with one another.

What would you add to this list?

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