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6 (Obvious but Not so Obvious) Tips to Increase your Chance of Getting an Interview!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Seeking a job (or internship)? Listen up!

You may be omitting vital information on your application that could prevent you from getting interviews!

The number of applications with dealbreaker omissions quite frankly makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be like this. Don’t be one of these candidates missing out on a great opportunity for a careless (and very avoidable) mistake!

Follow these top 6 (seemingly obvious but not so obvious) tips to increase your chances of getting an interview!!

1. Apply through the portal the posting asks you to. I.e., If the job is posted on Indeed, and the posting has instructions with a link to apply through the company job portal, don't apply through Indeed! They sadly may never see your app.

2. List your GPA (if over a 3.0). It is not uncommon for internships to require a minimum gpa of a 3.0. If you have over a 3.0 and it's not listed, guess who's getting an invite to an interview first? The student with the listed gpa.

3. Expected graduation date- Many internships are looking for a specific school year like a sophomore or junior for example.

4. Your major- Many opportunities require a certain major, or selection of majors. Not all recruiters are psychic (maybe some!)

5. Your school name – Your degree and your school go hand in hand. Don’t forget this very basic and important info! If anything, it shows you are on top of things.

6. Apply to in-person / hybrid opportunities within a reasonable commutable distance (1 hour tops). The closest candidates are more likely to get a call.

Don't miss out on an awesome opportunity that could be yours! This list may SEEM obvious but I can't tell you how many resumes are missing this super important, basic information.

You see- sadly, recruiters don't always have the time to reach out and let you know what's missing. (Maybe the nice ones will, but not everyone is nice - or has the time to be nice).

Some of us get hundreds of applications for just one internship or jobRecruiters need to make an informed decision based on the info you present to them. And it's YOUR job to make sure they have all of the info they need. You have competition.. With candidates with no missing info. And that alone gives them a leg up!

Take action on the checklist above (as well as taking advatage of vising your college's career center for a resume review and mock interview) and see if you get more interviews! You are awesome and deserve one!!I

You got this!

(Recruiters, what would you add to this list?)

Let’s work together to help level the playing field so candidates have access to the opportunities they are qualified for! Knowledge is power and sometimes applicants don’t know what they don’t know! If you have the means, let’s help to coach them

You have my permission to share this post. Please share it with those who can benefit!

With Love & Light,

Melissa Carvalho

A Campus Recruiter (& Career Coach)

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