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Ok, here goes. My very first yoga blog. Or blog at all for that matter. As I sit to write, the first thing that comes to mind is, "What do people want to hear about?" I figured I'd start with the organic feeling that arises in me here. In writing a blog, I will be judged for my content, my opinions, my views. That's what we as humans do. We look a the world around us, and if it doesn't fit into our own little mold of how things should be, we call it wrong. Well, I have decided that as I get closer to my 40th birthday (a year and a half away to be exact), I want to continue to cultivate and embrace vulnerability. I am going to put myself out there a bit more, and not be afraid if everyone doesn't agree. What kind of life would it be if everyone was afraid to share who they are?

As I look at the people I admire the most, they all seem to have a similar trait in common- they are not afraid to show their imperfections. It's ok to not have it all figured it. It's ok to lose your shit once in awhile. It's ok that you had less than the fairytale upbringing, and you look terrible without your makeup. I much more enjoy the company of people who can be real and gently peel away layers of themselves to show who they are. And also laugh about it!

The other day I was out with some friends and as we went around the table and shared what was going on in our lives, I decided to open up a little. I decided to mention (gasp) what a hard time I'm having balancing being a mom of two. I had it all figured out with one kid but the second really rocked my world. Some days are so damn hard and I was really going through a hard time. I laid it all out there. I didn't have it all figured out, and in some ways it was a cry for help. I wanted to be understood, and maybe someone who had journeyed here before me had it all figured out.

It turns out my conversation was so well received, and days later people came up to me and shared that they understand, and they have been there too. A total sweetheart even went out of her way to tell me she would love to babysit for me anytime my husband and I needed a break. I was absolutely floored. I was heard. I was understood. Fellow women reached out with open arms. And it turns out, that was all I needed. I feel better already. Really!

It opened up a dialogue and took these friendships to a deeper level. No one is perfect. We all have hard times. No one is exempt. How can you show up more in your life in an authentic way? How can showing vulnerability (with discretion) deepen your connection with others? I believe it is something, that if we are brave enough to try, can change our lives in very real and heartfelt ways. I hope you are brave enough to try.

Love and Light,



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